Park Benefits

A Retreat Built Into The City

Close your eyes and picture a 220-acre park full of growing trees, blooming flowers and laughing children. Instead of trains and railways, imagine relaxing views and beautifully landscaped terrains. Imagine a revived gathering place for Charlotte residents and tourists alike. Imagine a wide-open retreat to serve as an escape from Charlotte’s hustle and bustle, where people could benefit from the surrounding culture, community, environment, wellness opportunities and so much more. The people of Charlotte deserve this. The Queen needs a Park.

Culture & Identity

Charlotte is missing an outdoor venue for large public events near uptown. Think of music festivals, arts fairs, and other special events.

Atlanta, just down the street, hosts these events to great success hosting to the Shaky Knees Festival and the Music Midtown Festival among many other events.

Our initial plans call for a Great Lawn at the south end of the park that will make for a world-class venue for music festivals. A common criticism of Charlotte is that we are lacking in culture and a recognizable heart of the city. In turn, having a designated gathering place for cultural events, will bring in tourism dollars and serve as an “engine” that drives economic support to our local businesses and surrounding neighborhoods.

Inclusivity & Community

Queens Park would connect people to people. It would strengthen the bonds and connections in our community. Historically, the north and west side of the city has been underserved, its neighborhood parks underfunded. Queens Park would replace the barrier created by the railyard, linking neighborhoods, like Lockwood and Druid Hills, to the Lynx light rail and neighborhoods such as NoDa and Plaza Midwood.

The transformation of the railyard could provide an opportunity for a public-private partnership to create more affordable housing on the edge of the park.

The park would increase equity and be an inclusive space for all Charlotteans to gather.

Quality of Life

In the wake of the quarantine, we are realizing now more than ever the importance of shared green space and community.

Residents from all over Charlotte flocked to Freedom park and overcrowded its capacity. Queens park will be up to 5 times the size of Freedom park and allow us all to have enough space

Parks also support economic development and tourism. The question isn’t “who benefits from tourism”, the question is, “who doesn’t?”

Queens Park will provide intrinsic economic and monetary benefits to its surrounding neighborhoods, and city as a whole. When cities have enough space to host events, they welcome businesses and organizations to spend their dollars within their city. Tourism will continue to boost our economy, employ thousands of people, enrich local businesses and pay for instrumental public services, such as education. Perhaps once in for all, this will facilitate a new stream of revenue for underserved neighborhoods that fall into segregated communities.

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